Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Single magazine as a small gift...

Someone at Newsstand recently turned 60 the other day, so, being the pleasant bunch that we are, we bought him a card and a little something. As it was a nice round number, we didn’t think any old card would quite do the job, so we got a large and lively number that set us back £2.99. The lucky recipient works in the office, but postage would have meant the cost of sending this birthday card – albeit a very snazzy one – would have spiralled upwards of £3.50. Now that’s quite a lot of money for something that takes all of 15 seconds to read and… hang on, don’t we send out single magazines with gift cards from around £1.20 upwards?

So, that is what we are peddling with this blog entry… We think sending a single magazine to a friend either as a small present or just a thank you is a really novel idea and seems much less wasteful than sending a, let’s face facts, boring card.

In fact it’s just a really good way of getting in touch these days – almost like a text message on steroids.

You can always find something topical to send, so if you’ve stayed at theirs for a weekend and they’ve admitted an unhealthy interest in poultry, then perhaps send them a copy of Fancy Fowl magazine as a thank you? As you can see what’s in each issue by way of the front cover on the website, it makes it even easier to send them something topical…and we think it would be much appreciated.

The fact that there are hundreds of virtually unheard of magazines available at Newsstand just makes things even better. All budgets can be catered for as well. OK, so they may not appreciate a copy of Take a Break or British Homing World (pigeons, lest you wonder), but there are art magazines and the like right up to £50 a go.

Are you seriously indebted to a keen flower arranger who happens to speak French? Art Floral magazine will certainly smooth things over. In any case, it’s not just a thank you or birthday present – but simply a “nice touch” for someone you haven’t seen for a while. It’s important to know that you can have all the ease without having to buy a subscription, that’s why we are here.

Just because we run a shop, doesn’t mean we’re good at sales…but hopefully you’ll agree with us that this has something going for it.

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