Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Rare Newsstand newsletter slash email:

In our quest to become a little more helpful without necessarily selling you something, we have added a few things to the Newsstand magazine website that may be of interest to you.

You can now sign up for cover alerts on any of the 3,500 magazines that we hold, meaning you'll receive a simple email with the latest cover of the magazine you've requested as soon as it is available in the shops in the UK. There's no requirement to purchase and you can stop the emails at any time. We think it serves as a great reminder that a new issue has been published, as well as an overview of the contents to help you decide if it's worth tracking down or not.
We were planning to send you the next new issue based on your past purchases at Newsstand. If you would like not to recieve these cover emails, please click here.

You can now also request a particular magazine if it's out of stock. We'll try and get it for you and email you if it becomes available, with no obligation. As usual, all the onsale dates and recent covers on almost every magazine are available on the site. So if you like your magazines in print, we are the best resource there is online.

All the best,