Thursday, 15 December 2016

The Great Print Magazine Opportunity of 2017-19

We are really quite excited at Newsstand at the moment, because we see the coming years as the perfect opportunity for the print magazine industry.

It's supposed weaknesses are, in a reversal of business parlance (which can only be a good thing), surely it's strengths and opportunity. Isn't the digital age, now in full swing, becoming a burden on our lives and minds? It's efficient, fast and indefinite. It's everywhere, it's intangible, fleeting, easy....and all too often pointless (yes, yes, we know but at least we've kept it short).

This is manifesting itself across industries and lifestyles. Journalism is by some accounts on it's knees and advertising isn't far behind. Social interaction, especially important for the young, is probably plummeting. We could go on.

Well, we believe the tide is turning. The magazine has the ability to break the whirlwind cycle of brief consumption after brief consumption that we experience individually and almost daily - occasionally interrupted by putting the need to recharge the mobile above our own personal requirements.

We need to switch off, to actually read what we read and practice the art of concentration. The magazine has the unique opportunity to gently re introduce this important factor to our weekly existence. They have pictures if you are a little weary and the articles are not too long; you are safe from some threat of literary shock and holding a magazine open is perhaps the perfect start on the long road to recovery.

Market it so.