Wednesday, 23 February 2011


You're always told as a website business, that providing unique and interesting content will encourage other sites to link to you and therefore increase your visibility on t'internet. Those folk at Google even have a sort of mantra for it.

Recently we've focused on magazine covers both current and recent, with the idea being that many blogs or websites might consider placing an automatically updating cover on their own pages. With around 3,500 different magazines available, there is always plenty of scope for finding a topical magazine that will ultimately provide interesting and self updating content for your own site. So, we have set up buttons on the website that make it simple to cut and paste the code anywhere. The backlinks help Newsstand, of course, but all in all we think it's a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Here is an example of the content...

....the current front cover of Elle French is updated each week automatically - so that's what is displayed above. By clicking on the cover you SHOULD get a larger pop up version of the magazine and the ability to scroll through recent covers, which also allows you to read the contents. Unfortunately, at the time of writing this last bit is inexplicably not happening. Which brings us on to another mantra of our own: "The IT keeps going wrong, ohmmm", often used to relax tension or curb violence against the machines.

Whilst we're working on making that a little more snappy, and also fixing the zooming "malfunctionality", do consider using the content on your sites. Just copy the ready made code displayed when you click the "Live Cover Viewer" button under any of the magazines on the Newsstand site.

Plus let us know if there are additions we could make to enhance the offer further, we are all ears, as ever.

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