Monday, 11 November 2013

Chew on this

We are feeling feisty. No flannel today folks - just straight talking, season sorting facts.

You need presents, you don't like crowds. You detest throwaway gifts, you know 3,000 people all with different interests (and some are, quite frankly, a little strange independent).

You like the fact a subscription can last all year, but you don't want to tie anyone in. You want to select a few different magazines, shorter subscriptions or maybe single copies of top quality fashion publications. You love the great value publisher direct offers - but you don't want to have to wait two months for delivery.

You need to choose when your magazines are sent so they arrive on time, maybe you want to send abroad and you definitely need to add a pretty gift card with your own message. You might also want to email it as well, in case you've left it late.

You know exactly what you want to buy, or you have no idea at all - a magazine voucher would be great. You know real print junkies and you would like to send them a huge stack of quality magazines.

They might have a tablet computer and a fancy phone, but like us, you know they'd be secretly pleased to sit down and read something on paper....they just might not tell you out loud. Plus, it'll be good for them.

Welcome to Newsstand and surprise your friends and relatives with the extraordinary range of print magazines and service you could be giving them this Christmas. We'd be happy to have the chance to deliver a wonderfully personal gift.

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