Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Subscriptions for the clever kids

Sometimes we worry that magazine subscriptions have developed a bad reputation. The automatic renewal and “pay us later” models used by some publishers can really upset the customer and give the industry a bad name. That’s why we have concentrated all our energy on providing the services that the customers want, without all the strings attached.

So, when it comes to buying magazines as a Christmas present, we think we have the offer just right. You don’t need to “subscribe”, you don’t need to subject the recipient or yourself to ongoing direct debits and constant renewal letters and associated offers. With Newsstand you simply buy the number of issues you would like to send - and that’s it (bar the odd email…but we keep these few and far between). So, whether it’s a single copy or a longer term gift, it’s your call.

What this also allows is much more flexibility and as a result, a much better present. Instead of getting someone a year to one magazine…why not add a bit of unpredictability and buy them 3 issues of four different magazines? There are so many to choose from, you’ll always find a great mixture for anyone you know – and with it the potential to surprise them a few times and show you’ve given the present that little bit more thought! Trust us when we say there are plenty of weird, wonderful and just plain brilliant magazines out there.

We are also always happy to give you some pointers over the phone or via email. We have a pretty good idea what’s hot and what’s not, plus some lovely shiny publications that you will not have heard of. Plus there are the usual offerings like gift cards start date selection.

We want to move this magazine industry on, come with us.

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